Plumbing Upgrades to Consider for Your Phoenix Home

Plumber at work

When you think about plumbing, you likely imagine showers, sinks and appliances. While important, they are not the only parts of your plumbing system you use every day. Modern plumbing systems are made up of numerous components that work together to keep everything running smoothly. If you are thinking about trying to improve how well your system functions, there are also a few optional upgrades to that could make a difference.

Consider installing these plumbing upgrades to improve your system’s performance.

Automatic Shutoff Valve

Your home always has a manual shutoff valve that you can use to cut off your water in the event of a plumbing emergency or when your system is being repaired. But what if an emergency occurs while you are away?

If you install an automatic shutoff valve, it will monitor your water pressure constantly and turn the water off as soon as a major change is detected. This could help you avoid thousands of dollar’s worth of water damage in the event of a major problem.

Backflow Prevention

Pressure disruptions between your sewer system and plumbing system sometimes cause wastewater to be sucked back into your home. This problem is fairly common, and many new homes are built with backflow prevention devices. If you do not currently have one of these devices, having one installed helps ensure that your plumbing system will work properly without being affected by changes in pressure.

Sump Pump

Here in the Phoenix area, major flooding usually is not a huge concern, but that doesn’t mean the risk doesn’t exist. Crawl spaces and basements are susceptible to flooding during rain, and it only takes a little water to cause a lot of damage.

Sump pumps are installed in low-lying areas, and they automatically remove excess water before it can cause significant damage. With modern, battery-powered pumps, you can rest assured knowing that water will be safely diverted away from your home even during a power outage.

Plumbing Upgrades in Phoenix

If you are interested in investing in any of these plumbing upgrades in Phoenix, contact the pros at Plumbing Masters. We offer top-of-the-line services throughout the Phoenix area, and our friendly technicians would be more than happy to help you upgrade your system. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about any of the upgrades listed above, please give us a call now at 602-296-1127.

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