The Masters Club 

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Two Plans to Choose From: Optimum & Deluxe

Clubs are transferable to another home or New Homeowner for $348

Please choose from the two clubs below which will save you time and money.

By being one of our valued Club Members you will receive discounts on all your plumbing repairs and receive Lifetime Warranties that far surpass other contractors.

Club Optimum

2-year Membership

15% Off All Repairs

$348 Today

Club Deluxe

1-year Membership

15% Off All Repairs

$180 Today


1 yr $15 mo

15% Off All Repairs

Priority Dispatching

You will go to the front of the line when you call our office for services, no questions asked. The next available Professional Plumbing Technician will be dispatched to your home.

Discounted Dispatching Fees

You will always Pay Less than a non-club member for any after hour calls and on any Holidays. During regular hours we will waive the dispatch fee with any work done.

Limited Lifetime Warranties*

You will receive a Lifetime Warranty on all qualified plumbing repairs for the life of your membership. You will receive a 10 Year Warranty on qualified replacement fixtures. This is true Peace of Mind.

Annual Health and Safety Whole House Inspection

Once a year we will perform a Professional Health and Safety Plumbing Inspection. We will explain how things work and why they work like they do. We will do any minor adjustments while on-site as well, we can spot a small or Big Problem before it happens. This safety inspection alone is worth over $129.

Annual Water Heater Flush*

Once a year we will perform a Professional Water Heater Flush and do a complete check up on your water heater. We will make sure your Electric or Gas Water Heater is working properly and that it is performing at its best. This flush alone is worth over $139.

*Tankless, commercial, solar, or specialty water heaters do not apply.

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