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Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker 5.0

Maintenance check/ flush of water heater, repair of kitchen sink faucet and hose bib replacement with vacuum breaker.

travis pensky
travis pensky 5.0

Debbie Kullman
Debbie Kullman 5.0

Megan Whipp
Megan Whipp 5.0

Buckeye Store
Buckeye Store 5.0

Had a leak under manufacturer home plumbing Masters fixed it James and Eric were amazing and price was great

Nicole Lacey
Nicole Lacey 4.0

Levi was professional and courteous. He was so compassionate for what im going thru. He will be the ONLY technician I ask for.

Ray Gibson
Ray Gibson 5.0

Randal inspected and reviewed my water softener operation. His service was complete and he gave me the needed Information. Thanks

chris hodge
chris hodge 5.0

Absolutely the best in the valley with great service and honest prices!

Mitchell Arthur
Mitchell Arthur 5.0

Kitchen sink piping fell apart and they had it repaired in no time!

Crystal Travis
Crystal Travis 5.0

Gwendolyn Hall
Gwendolyn Hall 5.0

They replied the whole house

Charlene Amadore
Charlene Amadore 5.0

Excellent, great communication, professional, and knowledgeable!

Rachel Robles
Rachel Robles 5.0

Lee Palmer was our technician. Very professional & courteous. Didn't try to sell me services I didn't need. Will definitely refer friends & family and use them for future needs.

Jett Buel
Jett Buel 5.0

Pleasant professional knowledgeable Very versed in gas lines Brad and Lee both very professional friendly courteous ...know their stuff. Old gas line needs replacing !

Alisa H
Alisa H 5.0

Drake was great, we needed our tankless water heater flushed and he called when he was on his way to my house within my time window, walked me through what would happen and how long it would take and was friendly. Great service! I will 100% be using ...Plumbing Masters again.Read More...

Jan Frasier
Jan Frasier 5.0

Great service

Martha DuSage
Martha DuSage 5.0

Hayley Blackmon
Hayley Blackmon 5.0

Phyllis Matson
Phyllis Matson 5.0

Thaddaeus Daley
Thaddaeus Daley 5.0

Brad Smith did a great job explaining our plumbing issues. He was thoroughly went over the details of the work that needed to be done.

Charde Black
Charde Black 5.0

Sandra Luck
Sandra Luck 5.0

I have a service contract for preventative maintenance. I paid in advance for 3 years and it's piece of mind at a great value. It ensures I have no unpleasant surprises! Levi, the technician, is professional and super friendly. No concerns with having ...Plumbing Masters in my home. They are reliable and trustworthy. I will use them any time I need a plumber! Highly recommended!Read More...

Richard Felnagle
Richard Felnagle 5.0

Carol Marter
Carol Marter 5.0

Drake was absolutely fantastic. He’s skilled, efficient and professional. He installed our water heater yesterday, and he was a pleasure to meet, and we thank him for his services . Thank you Drake !

darrylsneed89ds 5.0

Rachael Sammons
Rachael Sammons 5.0

We are first time home owners and wanted to make sure everything was functioning properly, Ben took the time to explain what we would need to do for maintenance, tested our water to make sure our water softener was working properly! He was very helpful.

Alissa McCarty
Alissa McCarty 5.0

Mathew Knowles was extremely helpful, polite, charismatic, and expedient. Resolved our issue and left a wonderful impression of the company, we will be sure to contact Plumbing Masters for our next plumbing need for sure!

Shobhna Date
Shobhna Date 5.0

Technician Mathew K. Unclogged my kitchen drain. Professional and fast. Great job!

Bryce Turner
Bryce Turner 5.0

Elizabeth Alongi
Elizabeth Alongi 5.0

Quinton Moore
Quinton Moore 2.0

Hired for a $59 drain unclog (daughter tried flushing way to much toilet paper). Stipulation was that I have a ground clean out which I did. The tech, Ben, was awesome, very nice. He tried for a full hour to get the toilet unclogged through the cleanout ...and toilet. He said that the only solution was to go on the roof for $334. He went up there and it was cleared in just a few minutes. I cant justify the extra $280 for 10 minutes on the roof. If he did that when the first method didn't work, he could have been gone in 30 minutes and did more jobs. Tech was great, disagree with their pricing and feel ripped off. I would not reccomend to a friend nor will I use them again.Read More...

Robert Maher
Robert Maher 5.0

Tech. Diagnosed water softener issue.

Kimmy G
Kimmy G 5.0

My water heater broke on a holiday weekend. Plumbing Masters after hours/emergency folks were so helpful. The tech, Ben, communicated throughout the day on when he could get here. When he was here, he walked me through everything then replaced it all. Am ...very impressed with how thorough, professional and friendly everyone was. And they saved the weekend!Read More...

n konanki
n konanki 5.0

Jim Mongrain
Jim Mongrain 5.0

Related water conditioner, new r/o system and replaced sink in bathroom. Install team was great, very professional and kept us informed on progress. Made sure we knew how everything worked. All work areas were cleaned up. I would recommend to everyone.

Gina Bartolomeo
Gina Bartolomeo 5.0

Chris Suppes
Chris Suppes 5.0

Mike is the best!

Ryan K Hardy
Ryan K Hardy 5.0

Mike was excellent. I had another company that completely misdiagnosed and tried to overcharge me. Mike understood the problem over the phone then, quickly, easily and accurately had the solution. It was excellent service and I was given a very clear ...explanation of everything so I could make the best decision.Read More...

Scott Miller
Scott Miller 5.0

Very punctual and professional...great company!

Jim shriver jr.
Jim shriver jr. 5.0

Got to the job early than was supposed to. GREAT!. Found the problem We got the part ordered, when it arrives he will return to install it. Great job.

Marianne Beram
Marianne Beram 5.0

Willy Cao
Willy Cao 1.0

Totally over priced for pump Water and took out the Unworking sump pump in less a hour, that’s yet, I paid $289 , didn’t tell me the price before doing the work, This is outside area next to the pool, and not emergence. I will not use your service ...again.Read More...

Sara Shurri
Sara Shurri 5.0

Super friendly, come in and took a look and found the problem with in a matter of minutes and it was a simple clog and everything back to working in 5 min!!

Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 4.0

Great response time and fast service.

Linda Peterson-Price
Linda Peterson-Price 5.0

On August 5, 2020 Lester & Daryll were outstanding servicing our plumbing needs. They were so friendly and professional, all the while explaining (in common terms) the problem & how to prevent them. Please tell them how much we appreciated their ...help. John & Linda Price Chandler AZRead More...

Christine Lee
Christine Lee 5.0

Liz Kane
Liz Kane 5.0

Karen Paulsen
Karen Paulsen 5.0

Need new pipe run from street meter to front porch. All rotten and leaking bad. Plumber Eric showed up gave me the bad news. But thru my tears of the cost after losing my job to Covid the man gave me such hope. He discussed with General Manager whom ...gave me even more hope. The price is fantastic. I truly love them. I hope I survive the digging!! Thank you so much. Karen PaulsenRead More...

Travis Gooden
Travis Gooden 5.0

My technician (Devante) arrived on time as scheduled and was very professional and respectful. He explained my issue in detail in such a way that my wife completely understood it. I highly recomend Plumbing Masters to any and all that might be ...experiencing any type of a Plumbing concern. Travis GoodenRead More...

Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez 5.0

Sondra Adams
Sondra Adams 5.0

Installed new fittings & tubing on refrigerator. Evaluated sink faucets.

Mike Burke
Mike Burke 5.0

Arrived on time as they said. Were professional and did what was asked of them. Kept me informed and knew their business. Reasonably priced.Will contact them again if the need ever arises

bradley havel
bradley havel 5.0

John H Sconiers
John H Sconiers 5.0

Ben was awesome very professional Define job it is such a good job I have him coming back in a few weeks to service my water heater as well thank you Plumbing Masters

Tony Griffin
Tony Griffin 5.0

The service was outstanding and quick. I would recommend Plumbing Masters to everyone.

Michele A Donnelly
Michele A Donnelly 5.0

The service guys were great and did a very professional job. Cleaned up after themselves and did a little extra work than I called for at a reasonable price! Highly Recommended Plumbing Masters

Kirsten Plambeck
Kirsten Plambeck 5.0

Carl Reitz
Carl Reitz 5.0

Prompt, efficient, and great work performed. Thanks!

Melissa Hanifen
Melissa Hanifen 5.0

Keith Colby
Keith Colby 5.0

I love the service provided. I was given text notices as to when I should expect Nick to arrive, to my surprise it was at the beginning of my 4 hour window. Nick was masked and wore booties while working in the house. The repair was accomplished in a ...timely manner and to my complete satisfaction. I highly recommend!Read More...

Joan Stukenborg
Joan Stukenborg 5.0

Haven’t decided yet but definitely in the running

Blaine Borst
Blaine Borst 5.0

These guys were Personal, professional, honest and very fairly priced.

Sarah Seebeck
Sarah Seebeck 5.0

Mike, supervisor from Plumbing Masters, answered all my questions and was able to diagnose my problem over the phone. He was very professional and thorough. I appreciate his consideration in trying to save me from paying for an unnecessary service call. ...When we decide to do our bigger plumbing project we will definitely call Mike again.Read More...

William Peterson
William Peterson 5.0

Two technicians arrived on time. Since the problem had rectified itself and there were no error codes on the tankless water heater, the technicians couldn't determine a cause for the problem. They checked that the unit was functioning properly and ...advised that I should look for an error code if the problem happened again. They did NOT try to sell me additional services.Read More...

Kris Coty Brown
Kris Coty Brown 5.0

James Tisdale
James Tisdale 5.0

Ben was very professional, great service, knowledgeable and wasn’t A pushy sales person. Very pleasant to deal with.

derek meese
derek meese 1.0

This company overcharges people got charged 5,400.00 for a broken pipe under my mobile home guy spent 6 to 7 hours at my house, I get that it was a messy job just think the cost was a bit too high. Not only that the guy made it sound like it would be a ...two to three person job and that they would have to rehang my pipe, blah blah just mad cause I feel I was overcharged. 6 to 7 hours they must be charging 500.00 an hour wish I made that at least I could pay for this bill they gave me! Update. They did fix my problem right. now that I have been doing more work on my house and understand what the cost should have been I feel very ripped off. Broken drain pipe in crawl space, 1. saw the broken piece off, cost free,. 2. Measure the new drain pipe about 1foot guessing 15.00 at most. 3. Coupler 15.00. 4. Glue 1.00 That’s 31.00 in supply’s, tech gets paid what 23.00 an hour? 6*23.00= 138.00. Receptionist has to get paid as well. Man just don’t get some company’s I would rather stay small and be honest and kind and help people, maybe the rich can pay for this but most people can’t afford these kind of prices. This took me 3 years to pay off and I am still trying to find a honest plumbing company, I have gone under my house dozens of time now fixing thing myself because I don’t trust people. I had to clean up that sewage under my house and it took me a week to clean it up I also had to take vacation to do it. 52 bags to get it clean. I am an honest person who does not deserve to be taken for a ride and I have been upset for 4 years about how much this job cost. I just don’t get the price quote at all, I understand the price was upfront but I had an emergency and felt that I had to get it done. By the way Brian I see you responding to a lot of people on here which is good I am glade you do that I just hope it is not the receptionist and actually you. I did not mention that I also had the jet drain thing done to my house which needs to account for your 958.00 to pay for the 40k machine so maybe my job should have cost 1500? 1700 at most. Guess there is a lot of overheadRead More...

DigiCel FlipBook
DigiCel FlipBook 5.0

Ben was on time and very courteous and helpful. The $29.95 service call was great since it turned out that repairing our water softener would cost more than it was worth.

joyce jeffrey
joyce jeffrey 5.0

Beverly Bourdages
Beverly Bourdages 5.0

suzanne somers
suzanne somers 5.0

Toby was my technician. It was a very timely, professional, and competent visit.

Robert McLean
Robert McLean 5.0

The tech was very professional and I felt at ease with him. Very professional in his appearance.

Sara Payne
Sara Payne 5.0

Dependable and professional. Good work at reasonable prices.

Kim Robinson
Kim Robinson 5.0


Norita Northington
Norita Northington 5.0


janeth ornelas
janeth ornelas 5.0

Gwendolyn Hall
Gwendolyn Hall 5.0

Last night at 11:30 p.m the speak it behind the refrigerator for the ice maker broke Water started coming under the refrigerator so I'd already had Drake Aiden sometime ago repair my shut off valve outside so I ran and shut the water off cleaned up ...everything the next morning I called Plumbing Masters and they scheduled me for someone Saturday between 12 and 4 they got an opening earlier at 10 and said Drake Aiden out he had to go get a part was back in a timely manner and within 10 minutes he had everything up and running. I will always use Plumbing Masters every time I've called them I've had nothing but success I will recommend them to all my friends and familyRead More...

Mell becirevic
Mell becirevic 5.0

This is the best plumbing company to go with! Very reliable and knowledgeable. I am very happy customer will refer to everyone and anyone . Thank you to Eric H for being very helpful and being safe at the same time .

Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez 5.0

They were unable to locate my leak, but were honest and helpful in providing alternative options

Von Reyerbrandt
Von Reyerbrandt 1.0

Deceptive advertising... A few days ago, we had the misfortune of having a slab leak in our home. Responding to a coupon for "Slab Leak Detection Repair Consultation" on a website (see screenshot below), I telephoned Plumbing Masters and explained that ...we specifically have a slab leak and wish to take advantage of their advertised special. After discussing our problem in more detail, the phone representative kindly offered to wave the $29.95 Slab Leak Detection Repair Consultation and promptly scheduled an appointment with one of their trained technicians. This was music to my ears. 7 am the following day, Plumbing Masters telephoned and informed us that the serviceman was currently on his way. When he arrived, the tech quickly glanced at the slab leak (located behind the broken drywall beneath our kitchen sink) and then proceeded to where our hot water line cuts off in our laundry room. Then, within only a matter of minutes, the technician explained that Plumbing Masters will need to schedule another serviceman who is trained and equipped in leak detection, and that such a service call would cost us hundreds $ more. Not only did this leave me extremely frustrated, but also angry that Plumbing Masters obviously wasted both our time. I even voiced my dissatisfaction immediately by calling Plumbing Masters back, but sadly that effort proved a complete waste of time too. So thanks for nothing Plumbing Masters.., except for proving that you are NOT the "Top-Rated Leak Detection Service Near You in Phoenix" as publicly advertised!Read More...

S Shirk
S Shirk 5.0

Always on time and super friendly! They wear masks, foot covering and gloves so you feel extra safe. Also, dressed professional and clean. Brad fixed our plumbing issue and was very knowledgeable. Thanks. Highly recommend.

Brad Shirk
Brad Shirk 5.0

I have had plumbing Masters out a few times now they really are great to deal with, extremely professional and customer service focused which is a lost art these days thanks again PM!

will souders
will souders 5.0

Mark Kraft
Mark Kraft 4.0

Brad is very polite and prompt. I have a quote to have the drain pipes in my home cleaned with hydro jet, but the quote is much more than I wish to invest to have my pipes cleaned out.

Waylon Paislee
Waylon Paislee 5.0

Rodney Robbins
Rodney Robbins 4.0

I was very pleased with Mike Pace,very knowledgeable and does great work I would recommend him again an I will be contacting you in the future when help is needed Thank you Rodney H. Robbins

Julie Urig
Julie Urig 5.0

Wonderful technician! Nick was polite, friendly and professional! 10 Stars for Nick! We will be having Plumbing Masters do ALL Our plumbing concerns! Heard about your company on KTAR and ‘Gatos’ recommendation!

Iryna Vaughn
Iryna Vaughn 5.0

Doug Nichols
Doug Nichols 5.0

Mike was great - very nice guy and informative.

David Armstrong
David Armstrong 5.0

Mr. Hirsch was fair and honest and upfront about my options. He suggested the best way to approach the issue and explained the impact of the other approaches. I couldn't have asked for a better assessment. I would certainly call Plumbing Masters again.

Trish O-Ren-Ishy
Trish O-Ren-Ishy 5.0

We had an emergency leak in my office. Levi went through the whole house to detect where the leak was from. Turns out not the plumbing but our hv in the attic. He was sooooo good to narrow it down so we can get hv and restoration! He is very professional ...and knowledge in his profession! I give him two thumbs up. 👍Read More...

Mike K
Mike K 5.0

Tom Stolworthy
Tom Stolworthy 5.0

Our experience was excellent😊‼️Nick was a superstar!

Shelley Kistner
Shelley Kistner 5.0

Eric was very helpful and gave great advice and recommendations about my bathroom faucets! He’s very knowledgeable and gave me honest information so I can make the best decision moving forward!

Mark Adams
Mark Adams 5.0

Great service

Bill Stanfield
Bill Stanfield 5.0

Devonte Hopkins came to the house on time. Us up and running. After he left there was a problem that developed based on the house being old. call plumbing Masters they sent the money back out he was here very quickly took care of the problem and was on ...his way. Couldn't be more pleased.Read More...

John Walker
John Walker 5.0

Michel was a very gentleman like and always informed me on what he was doing and asking for my opinion. And also did fine work

Rene Cantu
Rene Cantu 5.0

Eric was prompt,courteous, professional, and very knowledgeable.

Gene Leach
Gene Leach 5.0

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