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What to Do When You Have a Pipe Burst

Family With A Burst Pipe

Dan and his wife Sally were out enjoying a movie on a Saturday night only to return home to a burst pipe flooding their house with water! This is a situation that we all fear as many people wouldn’t even know what to do. When faced with a home emergency like this it is best to take a deep breath and try to think logically. You might surprise yourself with what you know if you are calm.

Remember these basic steps when dealing with a pipe burst and be proactive to stop the water and prevent further damage.

  • First, find your main water supply. It is commonly found just outside your door or in the basement. Turn it off to prevent the flow of water.
  • Next, find the main electrical supply and turn it off as well. This will prevent water damage to your electrical circuits and appliances which can be very dangerous.
  • Now is the time to call your professional plumber. Most professional plumbers, like the technicians at Plumbing Masters, are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help in an emergency like this.
  • Once help is on the way or at least scheduled, it’s time to start assessing the damage from your pipe burst and cleaning up the mess. Ensure all faucets are closed and all water points are shut. Another way to drain away the water is to flush your toilet bowls. If it is dark and you did not turn off the main electrical power, you must turn off each individual switch to prevent any electrical mishap. With all these steps in place, water should start to recede.
  • You can also call in an electrician if your electrical points or appliances are affected by the flood. You can easily find their contact info in Yellow Pages, newspapers or the Internet.

Following the few steps above will help you be more prepared if you ever face any plumbing emergencies due to a burst pipe in the future and minimize any damages before the professional plumber steps in to your rescue. If you are facing a similar situation, call the experts from Plumbing Masters at (602) 296-1127.

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