What To Do If You Have a Leaky Toilet


Your toilet is likely one of the most dependable fixtures in your home, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll never have a problem. From time to time. Water may begin to leak from underneath the toilet onto your floor. When not remedied immediately, this type of leak can lead to serious water damage.

The good news, though, is that leaky toilets are easy to repair, even if you’re a plumbing novice.

How to Repair a Leaky Toilet

In most instances, toilet leaks occur when the seal beneath the toilet fails. However, there may be another culprit, such as a faulty shutoff valve, loose supply line or cracked tank.

Take a close look to determine exactly where to water is coming from. If it’s leaking from under the toilet, you may be able to stop it by simply tightening the bolts. Simply remove the caps covering the bolds, and alternately tighten each a little bit at a time. Avoid overtightening as this can crack the base.

If this doesn’t stop the leak, you’ll likely need to replace the wax gasket, which is much easier than it sounds.

Replacing a Toilet’s Wax Gasket

First, turn off the toilet’s water supply at the shut-off valve. This is typically located behind the toilet, but you may need to turn off the main water supply, which is most likely located in your basement or crawl space. Remove any water from the tank using a cup and a sponge or towel. Next, disconnect the water supply tube by loosening the compression nut. Remove the caps from the bolts on the base and carefully loosen then.

Hold the rim of the bowl directly below the hinges for the seat, and carefully rock the toilet to break the wax seal. Gently lift the toilet off the floor, and lay it on a piece of cardboard or a blanket. Scrape the old wax seal off the bottom of the toilet and the floor.

Place the new gasket on the flange, ensuring that it’s centered, then carefully replace your toilet.

Toilet Repair in Phoenix

If these steps don’t work, or you have reason to believe that your toilet is leaking for another reason, or you’d simply prefer to leave the job to the experts, contact us for professional toilet repair in Phoenix. At Plumbing Masters, we can tackle any toilet repair job quickly, and we’ll provide you with the most affordable solution. Call 602-296-1127 today!

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