What is Involved in Sewer Cleaning?

cleaning of sewer

If you’re reading this then you probably already have an understanding as to why sewer cleaning is so important. However, there are many factors involved in the sewer cleaning process that make sewer line cleaning a tricky and intricate task.

Typically if a homeowner has a smaller or standard issue, the plumber will run cable (or snake) through the main lines of the home. A camera is occasionally used when scouring pipes to give a real-time view of what exists in the pipes. Roots are one of the most common issues in sewer lines. Depending on where you live, many homeowners need to have their lines snaked or derooted on average of once a year. Removing roots can be rigorous and usually involves a chemical treatment.

One of the most important problems that plumbers must be wary of are gas pipes and other major lines. Exposure and leaks can occur to affected lines, which is why regular sewer line maintenance is so vital. The more major the situation in your sewer lines is, the harder it can be to detect these important lines. With that in mind, it is also common for plumbers to encounter collapsed and crushed pipes, dips in the line, broken pipes, and disconnections. Phone lines and electrical ground rods are also found in sewer lines because of the occasional electrician error.

There are many things a homeowner can do to prevent major issues from happening in the sewer, such as an annual sewer line cleaning. Most importantly homeowners should watch what goes down the drain; solid objects, excessive food, oils, hair, etc. are common causes of clogs. However, there are things the homeowner cannot control, like tree roots and collapsing pipes. So overall the important thing is to be informed and to begin with regular, annual maintenance.

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