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Is Your Family Drinking Unclean Water? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Bad Tasting Water

Think the water that comes from your faucet is safe to drink? Think again!

Last month, Harvard University published an alarming report that states that more than 6 million American homes have water that contains an unsafe level of a cancer-causing chemical. Phoenix-area residents should take note as Arizona is one of the states most impacted by these deadly chemicals.

And that’s just one of the many chemicals that’s present in our water. Modern demands have taken their toll on the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, and many municipal water systems can’t even meet the most basic standards for water purification.

If you’re like many homeowners, you’re probably wondering, “What can I do to protect my family from unclean drinking water?” Fortunately, there are a few options.

What to Do About Unclean Drinking Water

Purchasing bottled water may seem like the best solution, but did you know that even bottled water sources aren’t 100 percent guaranteed to provide clean drinking water? When purchasing bottled water, there’s also the cost and environmental impact to keep in mind. Do you really want to spend a fortune and have a negative impact on the environment just to drink water that may not be any cleaner than the water that comes from your faucet?

When you want to ensure the purest, safest water for your family, a water filtration system is your best choice. With a whole home water treatment system, you’ll have great tasting, odor-free water that is safe to drink and excellent for bathing, washing clothes and dishes, etc.

Phoenix Water Treatment Systems

At Plumbing Masters, we offer top-of-the-line Phoenix water treatment systems that are affordable and maintenance free. Consider this: if you buy bottled water, you’ll spend anywhere from $0.79 to $5.00 for a single gallon of water. With our water treatment system, the price drops to $0.0002 per gallon. Your system will last up to 10 years, and it will more than pay for itself in time.

What are you waiting for? Don’t drink another glass of water or prepare another meal using dirty water from your faucet until you’ve talked to us about a whole home water treatment system. Call 602-296-1127 today, and mention the coupon below to save $150 on your whole home water filtration system!


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