How to Tell if You Need a Water Softener


Hard water is one of the biggest threats to your home’s plumbing system. When you have hard water limescale builds up on your pipe, restricting water flow and decreasing the overall efficiency of your plumbing system.

If you have hard water, the only way to counteract the negative effects is to have a water softener installed. Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to tell whether you have a hard water problem in the first place.

Here are a couple signs that indicate that you have a hard water problem that needs to be treated:

Signs You Need a Water Softener

Calcium Buildup

Hard water is “hard” because of the minerals it contains. The two main minerals in hard water are calcium and magnesium, and when water containing these minerals comes in contact with surfaces, the minerals are deposited. In tied, these deposits build up and form limescale.

Limescale doesn’t just build up inside your pipes. It also forms on faucets and in showers. If you see a white, chalky substance on any of the surfaces that are frequently exposed to water, it’s a sure sign that you have a problem with hard water.

Decreased Water Pressure

As limescale builds up in your pipes, it restricts the flow of water, resulting in a drop in water pressure. Limescale buildup on shower heads and faucets can also decrease your water flow to a trickle. If you’ve noticed a significant decrease in water pressure in your home, hard water is the most likely cause.

Water Softener in Phoenix

If you’ve noticed any of the signs that hard water could be having a negative effect on your home’s plumbing system, let the Phoenix plumbers at Plumbing Masters help. For a few water softener in Phoenix, give us a call at 602-296-1127 now.

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