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Is a Tankless Water Heater Right for You?


Most homes still have traditional, tank-style water heaters that store several gallons of hot water and keep it at a steady temperature to ensure that you have hot water when you need it. There’s a better option, though – a tankless water heater.

Tankless water heaters heat water on demand, and they provide several other benefits. Though they’re great for many homes, they aren’t for everyone. Is going tankless right for you? Read on to find out!

Should You Go Tankless?

Tankless Water Heater Pros

The main advantage of a tankless water heater is energy efficiency. Because they don’t need to keep water hot constantly, they don’t run all the time. Traditional tank-style heaters store water all the time, and that water is constantly cooling, so it requires frequent reheating. Tankless water heaters use little to no energy when not in use, and they only heat water when it is needed.

Other tankless water heater benefits include:

  • Smaller footprint. Tankless water heaters take up a lot less space in your home.
  • Longer Lifespan. When properly maintained, a tankless water heater can last up to 20 years.
  • Increased home value. If you decide to sell your home, your tankless water heater could boost your home’s value due to the energy-saving potential.

When Is a Tankless Water Heater Not a Good Choice?

While tankless water heaters save a considerable amount of money in the long run, they require a significant upfront investment. Unlike a traditional water heater, a tankless heater absolutely must be installed by a professional.

Tankless water heaters may not be ideal for large families. Though they heat water on demand, it may be next to impossible to find a unit large enough to handle multiple people showering at once. It also takes longer for hot water to reach your faucet with a tankless water heater, resulting in a slight increase in water waste.

Tankless Water Heaters in Phoenix

If you’re thinking about investing in a tankless water heater in Phoenix or the surrounding areas, consult with the experts at Plumbing Masters. We can help you determine whether an energy efficient tankless water heater is right for your home and ensure that you choose a model that suits your needs. For additional information, please give us a call now at 602-296-1127.


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