Benefits of Filtering your Water in Phoenix Arizona

Benefits of Filtering your Water in Phoenix, Arizona

The desert provides residents of Phoenix drinking water that has us asking, “Where does it come from? Is it healthy to drink?” This issue is commonly contemplated due to the taste and water quality the desert delivers to the home of millions of people. Pollution, old pipes, and outdated treatments can threaten any city’s drinking water system and potentially led to illness. Large municipal water deliveries are popular in the Phoenix area, and will remain a must have for most homeowners who have not been introduced to a water filtration system. While the water we drink is the first use we think of when thinking about water quality, there are a variety of ways we consume and use water in our daily routine, making filtered and high-quality water exceptionally important.

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Issues With Water in the Phoenix Area

Due to the lack of mountain springs and fresh nearby water sources, the water quality in Phoenix has always been a topic of discussion. The problem is far more than the mushy taste and smell of tap water. Without the help of experts managing water in the Phoenix area, the water would be filled with bacteria and contaminants unhealthy to consume. Here is a look at the problems experts come across while trying to deliver the optimal water quality to Phoenix.

Ingesting Chlorine

The city of Phoenix is required by drinking water regulation to disinfect water before it enters the system, only to then be distributed to millions of homes. This regulation is used to control any potential, harmful microbial activity that may be in the water. The answer to this disinfectant used by the city of Phoenix is Chlorine. Water chlorination is used to disinfect growing bacteria that form in unfiltered water. Experts have used this solution to bacteria found in water for over a hundred years. The levels of Chlorine are carefully tested and controlled during the process of disinfecting water. This is an important process because although it may eliminate bacteria, a large enough amount is easily detected by the taste and smell of water. While it remains an economical disinfectant, a person who consumes a large amount of chlorine or is sensitive to chlorine could experience bad tasting water and severe illnesses. Without the use of a water treatment system, you expose yourself to the health risks caused by large amounts of chlorine consumption along with foul, disgusting water.

Water Hardness

The city of Phoenix uses groundwater as a watering system, rather than the recycled water from an upstream like in most cities. Although recycled water is known to contain industrial pollutants and pharmaceuticals on the surface supplies, groundwater varies in its quality of water. Groundwater is collected from an aquifer, using the underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock from which water is extracted. The most common problem with groundwater, which in addition is a big issue for the Phoenix area, is extremely high water hardness. Metals such as Lead, Copper, Salinity, and Arsenic are found in public water. Exposure to high amounts of these toxins can lead to kidney damage and blood disorders. The city does what it can to remove or reduce the amount of these toxins to meet the established standards before delivering the water to homeowners. Avoid this issue and the overall consequences and invest in a water filtration system.

Algae Growth

Algae use nutrients found in lakes to make their own energy and change over time due to natural processes. Unfortunately, it is the large number of nutrients that encourage the growth of algae in the water. Algae is what contributes to the cloudy and mushy taste we seem to experience after drinking a glass of tap water straight from our sink. In the late summer months, we have a growth of algae blooming. Over time algae decays, emitting a strong, unappealing odor and taste. The city of Phoenix conduct treatments used to manage and kill occurring algae, but a bad taste and smell still remain. During their peak periods is when the taste and odor still occur after progressing through the city’s filtration treatment. Although the water In the Phoenix area is not labeled as “unhealthy”, the taste and smell algae leave in drinking water is ongoing and off-putting. Investing in a filtered water system can save you from the bad odor and taste that comes from drinking from your Phoenix tap.

Does Your Home Need a Water Filter?

Indicators of unfiltered water are easy to notice when you know what you’re looking for. Many homeowners don’t realize the benefits of filtering your water and how to determine you need a home water filtration system. Don’t blame your drain for the bad odor or taste you experience when drinking from your tap. We would love to think that the water delivered to homes around the state is pleasant to drink. Why the water may not be considered unhealthy, many can agree it is unpleasant. Take a look at some of the indicators you may come across every day that you did not know resulted from unfiltered water.

Taste and Odor

There are numerous reasons as to why you might experience a bad taste or odor in your water, but most all begin with unfiltered water. Although this may not pose health concerns, taste and odor is an easy indicator your water may not be fully filtered. While some might disagree, you can notice a difference in the taste of water. Water at room temperature is an easier way to distinguish the taste between filtered and unfiltered water and can give off an unappealing odor. As noted above, the common characteristic of unfiltered water is an unbearable smell or taste. Avoid foul odor and bad tasting water altogether with a water filtration system.

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Scum or Film Residue

Have you noticed after doing dishes, excess mineral deposits are left behind after the water dries? This is due to one of the common problems with water in the Phoenix area, mineral hardness. Water with a high enough mineral count to leave an unpleasant film on dishes is referred to as hard water. Thanks to hard water, you are left with a hard residue that can sometimes be a task in itself to scrub off of anything it comes in contact with. Hard water doesn’t stop at just your dishes. Unfiltered water can cause damage to clothing, shower walls, and toilets. Laundry washed with hard water tend to dull in color and can leave your load of laundry dirty. Since the water already contains chemicals found in hard water, it has a difficult time holding soap. This is what leaves you with dirty clothes after a regular wash and dirty dishes after drying.

If damaging your dishes and clothes isn’t enough, hard water can lead to damaged pipes and hot water heater failure. These major malfunctions require a professional evaluation which can cost you time and money to replace. Installing a water filtration treatment can ease your mind from the potential havoc that comes with hard water. Read how an accumulation of water sediments and other causes are common problems with leaky faucets in your home.

Dry Skin

While you may notice the indicators of unfiltered water in your kitchen sink, this water is dispersed through all faucets within your home. Showers and bathroom sinks carry hard water as well, causing dry skin and dull hair. The chemicals in tap water strip the skin of its nutrients and natural protective oils. While you may use the top shelf shampoo, the amount of chlorine and calcium aids in stripping natural oils. If you suffer from sensitive skin, showering with unfiltered water can worsen the effects, causing ailments such as rashes or eczema. Overall, showering with filtered water can save you the money spent on professional hair care products and result in the better-looking skin.

Benefits of Plumbing Masters’ Water Treatment System

Plumbing Masters has the solution to all of your water issues that come with living in the Phoenix area. A water treatment system saves you money and is economically friendly, using no chemicals or magnets. We agree, there are plenty of different water options that deliver quality water. So what is it that makes Plumbing Masters’ Water Treatment System better than others? Well, where one system may fail in one area and benefit in another, our water treatment system hits a home run in all areas of clean water from saving costs to no filter changes required. Without a yearly membrane replacement and maintenance, the watering system provides great tasting, clean, and odor-free water from every faucet in your home. Unlike most water filtration options, a water treatment system is good for you and your pets. Providing excellent drinking water for everyone! Don’t settle by spending up to $5.00 for a gallon of fresh water from the store or living with unfiltered water when you can have access to an unlimited supply with the Plumbing Masters Water Treatment System for the next 7 to 10 years. A water treatment system is easy to install and does not use salt, potassium, chemicals or magnets for filtration. If it all comes down to taste, why not find a simple solution with Plumbing Masters for deliciously fresh water out of all facets within your home!


There are plenty of resources that can provide you with more information on the filtration process in the Phoenix area. Listed below are resources we found helpful when analyzing the quality of water in Phoenix. Take a look and discover the entire process used to collect, test, and deliver water to your home.

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