8 Reasons to Always Call a Plumber

Plumber at work

Though we are coming out of a recession, many people are still looking for ways to save money and home repairs are often times one area homeowners think they can save on by doing the work themselves. In some cases that is true, but there are some definite projects that you should leave to the professionals, such as your plumbing. Below is our quick breakdown of the top 8 most common issues we get calls about and things Plumbing Masters experts can help you fix.

When to Call a Plumber

Drain Clog

So you poured Drano down the sink and it’s still clogged? We’ve helped many homeowners with problems located deep in the pipes that drain cleaner can’t fix.


While you may be able to spend several days trying to clear a clogged drain, flooding is a problem you must act on right away or cause damage to your home. It could be as simple as a clog, or something more serious like a broken pipe.

No hot water

It could be an easy water heater repair or require a new water heater installation. In the Phoenix summer, no hot water isn’t as concerning since the water is naturally warmer, but in the winter months, it is something you want to tackle right away. If you’ve ever been without a hot shower for a few days, you know what we’re talking about.

Water around hot water heater

When a hot water heater is leaking, it’s usually because of a cracked tank. Sorry, that means it’s probably time for a water heater replacement.

Overflowing toilet

The last thing you want is sewer water inside your home. The quicker you conduct toilet repairs, the less cleanup you’ll have.

Gas lines

Whether you’re installing a new fire pit in the backyard or putting in a new gas range, only someone experienced with gas lines can guarantee your safety.

Home repair

If a faucet has been dripping for a while, knowing it needs to be fixed and having the time to do so are two different things. We help many homeowners with faucet repairs and other smaller problems they may have.


Maybe you’ve wanted to redesign a bathroom. Or maybe you’ve purchased a new toilet and faucet for the bathroom. We are happy to install anything you’ve purchased and help you give your house a fresh new look.

Now that you have read through our list of the 8 reasons to always call a plumber, you will be better prepared and know what to do right as the problem presents itself. Don’t let plumbing issues go unfixed. The sooner you call a plumber and have the problem fixed, the easier of a process it is likely to be. The experts at Plumbing Masters are just a call away at (602) 296-1127.

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