How to Avoid Holiday Plumbing Problems

Hot Cold

With the holiday season just around the corner, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is a plumbing problem.

Unfortunately, this time of year takes its toll on your home’s pipes. Though we don’t have to deal with frigid temperatures and frozen pipes like our friends in the north, this time of year still puts additional strain on residential plumbing systems. Between the extra guests and additional cooking, aging pipes could be pushed to their limit with catastrophic results.

Here are a few helpful hints for keeping your home’s plumbing system in tip-top shape throughout the holiday season.

Inspect your Toilet’s Flapper Valve

One of the most common toilet issues is a worn out flapper valve. During the holidays, you’ll likely have extra houseguests, which means extra wear and tear on your toilet. Before the guests arrive, check to make sure this valve is in good condition. If it’s worn out, your toilet will constantly refill, leaving you with the unpleasant gift of a high water bill.

Take Care of you Garbage Disposal

While you’re preparing holiday meals, make sure you’re using your garbage disposal properly. You’ll probably be using it more than usual in the next month or so, making clogs a more common problem. Remember not to put grease or greasy foods down the drain as it can build up and lead to clogs and less effective blades. Also, avoid throwing things like egg shells and potato skins in the disposal.

Avoid Dishwasher Woes

No one wants to be stuck hand-washing the dishes after Christmas dinner with the entire family. Save yourself a lot of frustration by taking care of your dishwasher before the guests arrive.

If your dishes aren’t getting as clean as they should, make sure that the spinning arm turns freely on its bearing and that the spray holes are free from clogs. In time, mineral deposits can build up in these holes, preventing the bar arm from spraying properly.

Check the drain trap for plastic, food particles and other debris that could be causing clogs that prevent water from draining properly. Food in the drain trap could also contribute unpleasant dishwasher odors and dishes that don’t come out clean.

Plan Your Hot Water Usage

First and foremost, check to make sure that your water heater is working properly. Hot water usage escalates during the holiday season, putting additional strain on the heater which can lead to breakdowns.

When you have visitors in town and you’re doing the extra cooking, running out of hot water can be a major concern. Plan ahead for showers, dishwashing and laundry to be spread throughout the day. If your water heater simply can’t keep up, consider upgrading to a larger model or getting a tankless water heater as a little gift to yourself.

Build a Relationship with a Local Plumber

Despite your best efforts, sometimes plumbing problems are simply unavoidable. To make sure you know exactly who to call the moment trouble arises, it’s a good idea to have a relationship with a plumber. When you already have a plumber who is familiar with your home’s plumbing system and the types of problems you’ve experienced in the past, he or she can fix problems more efficiently. You’ll also save yourself the hassle of trying to find the plumber who’s right for the job at the last minute.

At Plumbing Masters AZ, we’re here for you anytime you need a Phoenix plumber. Whether you need someone to inspect and maintain your plumbing before the holidays or you find yourself in need of Phoenix emergency plumbing, we can help. For 24/7 plumbing in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, call 602-296-1127 or schedule service online.

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